Ugly Shepard

Randomized Mass Effect Trilogy Playthrough

Mass Effect is probably my favorite sci-fi series in video games. I’ve played all three of the main series games multiple times to get the paragon and renegade results, but each playthrough has always been polarized, either full-on paragon or full-on renegade. Even when I’ve attempted to play “organically,” it usually turns out the same as a paragon playthrough, but with the added benefit of punching Khalisah al-Jilani in the face.

So I decided that I want to attempt a randomized playthrough, in which all decisions in the game are determined by the roll of the dice, or in the case of programming, the RNG. And to make things more interesting I’m going to be broadcasting the run on my Twitch channel, where viewers will be able to influence the RNG by voting on major decisions to give them a higher chance of being picked by the RNG. The following is an outline of how I plan to handle this.

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Windows 8 Start Screen

Imaging Windows RT Tablets

My school district bought a bunch of Microsoft Surface RTs for our 9th grade students. As with Android tablets, there’s not a lot we can do to manage them due to them running on ARM processors and being locked to only allow Windows Store apps. Also because they can’t run typical x86 or x64 apps, no company has bothered creating an imaging solution that’s compatible with the tablets. After a bit of digging and frequently being told that it wasn’t possible to image them, I was able to come up with my own solution using Microsoft’s own deployment tool, DISM, which is capable of creating and applying images in the WIM format.

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Dark Souls Death Counter

Automatic Dark Souls (PC) Death Counter for OBS

As I plan to cast my first playthrough Dark Souls on Twitch eventually, I decided that like other Dark Souls streams, I wanted to have a death counter. However, the problem with many of them is that the caster has to remember to update it when they die. Sometimes they go several deaths without updating it and forget what number they’re really at. I know myself well enough to know that I’d forget too. So I came up with a death counter that reads the game’s save file and automatically updates itself.

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