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About Samutz


Hi, I'm Samutz. You're looking at this site because you stumbled upon from a link on some website somewhere or I directed you to it myself. This site is place for me to dump notes, instructions, code snippets, etc that I may need to refer to later or share w...

Building SM64EX on Android

Video Games

I have retired this guide as it no longer works. In early May 2023, Termux updated the build tool packages available on its repos, and these updated tools cannot compile the source as it currently is. Unlike other debian-based or debian-like repos, Termux doe...

Launching the Xbox app using Sunshine (Windows)

Video Games

Launching the Xbox app is my preferred way to play Game Pass games through Moonlight since it has controller support and I don't have to add games individually to Sunshine. Just like launching Steam in Big Picture mode. The Sunshine service runs as a system u...

8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g Controller on Steam Deck and Steam for Linux

Video Games

The 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g Controller has some weird behavior when using it on Linux. Its triggers aren't mapped to anything and the right stick is mapped to the triggers' axes. Here's how to get DINPUT mode working properly. There's also a potential XINPUT fix...

Setting up SSH on Termux


Entering commands with the Android touch screen can be a pain. You can either connect a keyboard or setup SSH to remotely connect from a computer instead. This also allows you transfer files to your device using a SFTP client. Enabling SSH Open Termux and ...

Extracting an Installed App's APK from Android


This guide covers two ways to get a copy of an app's APK that's been installed on your Android device, such as from Google Play Store or other app stores. This is useful for keeping backups of paid apps that might be delisted in the future, for applying unoffi...

Patching Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Stories and Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android

Video Games

Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Stories and Bully: Anniversary Edition are available on the Google Play Store, but do not run on recent versions of Android because the developers have not bothered to update them. There is a patch available for them called fastma...