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About Samutz

Hi, I'm Samutz.

You're looking at this site because you stumbled upon from a link on some website somewhere or I directed you to it myself.

This site is place for me to dump notes, instructions, code snippets, etc that I may need to refer to later or share with other people.

What I Do

I am a web developer and systems administrator for a small school district. In my spare time I play video games and find projects to work on. The following is some of my public work.

Web Sites

image.png is a site I created in 2005 to make it easy to share Grand Theft Auto save files within the GTAForums community. Today it also features save reading (stats, collectibles, etc) and patching features (glitch fixes, version conversion). More information is available on its About page.

Twitch Tournament Signup Tool

This was created to replace a similar tool, now offline, that was used to allow Twitch viewers to claim characters for sim tournaments. A few people still use my version today. However, it is very slow and desperately needs a rewrite.


A lazy Nyan Cat clone that I created over a decade ago because I'm a Doctor Who fan. I don't remember where I got the music or the background image, but the animated Tardis is an original creation at least.

Video Game Mods

Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Tools for Sim Settlements


Sim Settlements is a mod for Fallout 4 that overhauls the settlement building gameplay by allowing settlers to build pre-designed buildings and settlements. The community makes add-on packs (mods for the mod) that adds new building and settlement designs. I created an add-on pack called Vault-Tec Tools that adds vault themed interior designs aimed at players building settlements in Vault 88. This add-on pack also features designs from Wulfharth as well as some unique designs that make use of scripts to make them more dynamic.

A few of my smaller Fallout 4 mods can be found on Nexus and

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Some small Skyrim mods I created can be found on Nexus,, and Steam Workshop. None of them are notable enough to warrant an entire section here in my opinion.

Move or Die


Two playable characters I created for Move or Die can be found on Steam Workshop. One is based on King Foom, a former Twitch streamer who previously helped promote the game, and the other is an original creation.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City

Not to be confused with Liberty City Stories. GTA: Liberty City is a community effort to port GTA III in to Vice City's engine that started while Vice City was still the newest GTA. I ported the code for the RC car missions. I also provided hosting for the downloads in the early days before cloud hosting was readily available.

Steve-O Tattoo for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Probably my oldest and dumbest mod. Still available for download.

Wiki Contributions

GTAMods Wiki

Stardew Valley Wiki

For a time, I datamined Stardew Valley and contributed frequently to the official wiki. Some of the templates I created are still used today.

Other Stuff

Dark/Night Userstyle for the CreationKit Wiki

My Github - Not much to be found on here though.